Scratching Pole

It’s that time of year when the cats are getting restless and I’m ready to get them off my furniture. Here’s a simple scratching post that can be so much more!

Maybe with the original pole


– Free: 1 cardboard carpet roll. Can get this at any Lowe’s or Home Depot (have done this at both) and they will even cut it to size for you. Go home and shove it in a corner!
The Naked Pole
– Sisal rope: This part actually does cost $, more or less depending on how much you want (I got $20 worth), however it will last forever and is the part that can travel with you. This is the second pole I have made with the same rope.
– After you know it fits, take it down and wrap the sisal rope around starting from the bottom of the pole, giving lines of hot glue as you go. Done!
– I glued a string toy to the surface to get them interested. My next move will be to either stencil the top with paint like the first time (see photo above) or cover it with carpet using a staple gun. Finn has taken to scaling my doorframes, so it might be time to give him another place for that too! The good thing about this, no matter what they do it is stable.
Finn and Maybe with new scratching pole!

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