The Compilation Gift

I am a big fan of what I like to call the compilation gift, which is basically just fancy for gift basket. The fun thing about putting these together yourself is you can be more personal and creative than buying them ready- made. I like to go to secondhand stores for the container itself and be open to the surprise of what I find. Here is one fun compilation gift:

     This ceramic popcorn bowl is a great example of something that can inspire. The filling for this particular gift is 2 scary movies, local Kopper Kettle Candies (which can also be tailored to the recipient’s likes), and microwave popcorn. A gift certificate to a local movie theatre is also a great addition to a gift like this. For those who would like the experience of cooking popcorn on the stove, you could include little single-serving baggies of popcorn kernals, a little bottle of olive oil, and handwritten instructions for the pop:
              Take one small pan with a lid and set the stove to medium. Put in popcorn kernals and enough oil to coat the bottom of the pan, cover, and wait till the popping stops!
     Another container for a gift like this could be a cute pan itself – the possibilities are endless! Fill the bottom of the bowl/basket/container with crumpled paper before putting in the goodies, that way everything sits nicely on top. For an extra finish you can buy shrink wrap at your local craft store, which is activated with a hair dryer.

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