Two By Two…

…or just the one, or more. Whichever.
Here is one project that is gift, ornament, and year-long fun all in one! Sweet little felt animals have gone from Martha Stewart Living to Real Simple to and still they don’t lose their appeal!

You Will Need:

Felt (different colors)
Paper and Pencil
Inspiration for animals (online or a children’s book)
Needle and thread
Gold or silver thread for hanging
Cotton balls
Roll of flexible magnet strips

You Will Do!

Draw (or trace) an animal silhouette using your favorite inspiration, the sillier the better. Cut two pieces of felt from two different colors (like the red and gold for the rooster) laying the silhouette on top as a stencil. Place one color on top of the other, then use your discretion to cut away pieces of the top layer so the bottom layer shows. Stitch smiles, noses, and eyes with the same color thread used to sew the two layers together. You can go crazy and make them two sided by adding a top layer to both side and sewing them on simultaneously! You could even add a little cotton between two layers to fatten them up. Add gold or silver thread for hanging last. For year-long use as a Refrigerator Zoo, add a strip of magnet  to the back with a dab of hot glue (you can buy a large flexible roll at craft stores).

Warning: No one is saying that this might not take forever. I spent hours watching t.v. and sewing these things together. In my opinion, they are great companions for When Harry Met Sally, While You Were Sleeping, Sleepless in Seattle, Bridget Jones’s Diary, and How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days. And I just lost my male readership.

If after doing this you decide you love felt and want it to be your best friend,
here is a link to Martha’s felt animal silhouette pillow project: Martha’s Animal Pillow
a link to a blog all about felt! Feltorama Blogspot (this link is specifically about more Martha felt)

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