Organize Your Life (or just your bathroom)

Because organizing is usually a resolution, and because it makes me all warm and fuzzy, I will devote a few days to organizing some overlooked areas! The bathroom counter top was always the bane of my existence, until I saw an idea to use kitchenware in other rooms. Here, a colander, mug, creamer pitcher, and who-knows-what-Asian-art-thing stand in for those expensive and not as cool organizers at Target. They were $1.99, .59c, .99c, and .59c, respectively.
Another fun thing you can do in the bathroom if you’re not crazy about the ambiance and have decent counter space (which I now do, post-organize) is to try a lamp. This is especially useful if you’re renting and can’t (won’t) take credit for the wallpaper, tile, flooring, baseboard paint job, ETC…

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