Things I Cannot Do

A good friend of mine posted this as her Facebook status update (think third-person Facebook style):

“…can run four miles, successfully cook delicious risotto, and flip an egg without using a spatula. She feels accomplished at life.”

I cannot do any of those things. 

But I can color. If you also like coloring, you might be interested in this:
These are stained glass pictures! While I would probably never spend $10.39 on a coloring book, I do get a kick out of this. And hey, coloring is very relaxing and everyone has to start somewhere. I don’t really cook, so maybe I’ll start with this:
Although it looks more like a book of what happens when Risotto goes on the road, the reviews assure me there are recipes. Bon appetit!

p.s. If you want to look at how a real Italian American makes great food, check out She’s crazy town awesome. 


One thought on “Things I Cannot Do

  1. I definitely cannot color in the lines.. so you got me there. I would love to read that book. Part of the reason I'm successful at risotto is because of Liz's blog and advice! She's the best!

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