Dustruffle Helps Out Quilt

This image covers a couple of things that I would like to say about bedding:
1. It’s too expensive.
2. It’s usually too matchy.
3. Dustruffles are too ruffly.

Personally, I have a hard time shopping for bedding. You can’t get out of there for less than $100, and it’s such a huge committment when you might not even like how it looks. So when I finally found this beige and white patterned quilt at Target, I knew it was meant to be – a nice neutral color and pattern to serve as a backdrop for experimenting with throws and pillows. But then I moved from my undergraduate and got a real sized bed. Suddenly the quilt isn’t so awesome – it’s too short! But I still love it and it’s still great and it was a chunk of change! Then I thought, dustruffle to the rescue! Now, most dustruffles are not made to be shown over the boxspring, and also dustruffles are at least $30 new if they have any strength to them (I have torn more than one cheap dustruffle when making the bed!) So, curtain to the rescue! This blue and white dust ruffle is a toile cotton curtain that I was not using, and just tucked under the mattress. It works great. At the foot of the bed rests another quilt that I got at my grandparents’ antique shop and did some repairs on it. I didn’t care if all the pieces don’t match, they just make me smile when they’re together! Caveat: If you sleep with more than one person in your bed, the whole twin-sized blanket for two people thing probably isn’t going to fly. But if you’re cozying up king of the castle style, this just might be the way to go!

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