Valentine’s Day Thrice!

Local publications are also a great source for images. These love birds are from a wedding ad. Materials = ad pasted on white cardstock decorated with clustered dots, pasted on dark blue scrapbooking paper, pasted on a light blue “make your own invite” RSVP card. I got this particular package for $3 at Goodwill, and ne’er a one had been taken! Top it off with a Cupid sticker and you’re good to go.(Stickers courtesy of the Target “Look what a dollar buys” scheme.)
White cardstock, polka dot tissue paper, some old school “puppies” valentines and a magazine image that I cut into a heart. That’s the best thing about nail polish ads, big open spaces of glossy red paper!
Think outside the box. That’s all I’m saying. Materials: magazine image and cupid sticker on blue cardstock.

I wanted to take a second to link to my roommate Danielle’s blog at www.Danielleski. She participated in the valentine’s extravaganza and is doing her own showing along with crochet projects!


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