Happy Valentine’s Day Four! And still there’s more…

This card was made by combining two separate stationary pieces. The white pattern is a stencil from a set of DIY wedding invitations I found at Goodwill and the polka dot sheet is the back of a 
birthday card I had saved. 
The Smooches is a sticker.
This one goes to the person you know who loves Old English gardens! Materials: Cardstock, fleur-de-lis print tissue paper, gold earring image, rose image, green cardstock, and hand-lettering.
This one went to a filmmaker of mine. I believe it was originally an advertisement of some sort, but it was already black and white, so I went with the monochromatic color scheme and it feels very classic somehow.

~ Fun things to do for Valentine’s Day on the web: Go to Home and Garden’s Creat a Cookie to decorate virtual cookies and send them on to friends and fam. If you’re anything like me with icing, this will be a much more time and materials efficient way to enjoy the art!

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