On the Fifth Day of Valentine my True Love gave to Me

True Love Roses!
A romantic book!

A mimosa!

And a list of Valentine’s Day Cocktails! 

Agave Kiss Love flavors: raspberry, chocolate, cream

A delectable, creamy cocktail comprised of tequila, creme de cacao, Chambord and cream, served up and garnished with a chocolate rim and raspberries.

Axis Kiss Love flavors: almond, blackcurrant, Champagne

Lightly flavor Champagne with a dash or two of amaretto and blackcurrant liqueurs.

Bésame (Kiss Me) Love flavors: raspberry, Damiana herb, passion fruit

Fruity and refreshing, a drink with muddled raspberries and lime topped with passion fruit juice and Agavero and Chambord liqueurs.

Blushing Geisha Love flavors: TY KU, rose, pomegranate

This light cocktail places the aphrodisiac-filled TY KU liqueur with pomegranate juice and rose nectar.

Blushing Lady Love flavors: pomegranate, pink grapefruit

A pink drink in a sugar-rimmed glass made of PAMA liqueur, vodka and pink grapefruit juice.

Chocolate Martini Love flavors: chocolate

A simple version made of vodka and white creme de cacao, served in a cocoa rimmed glass.

Flirtini Love flavors: pineapple, Champagne

This is a very flirtatious cocktail with the elegance of Champagne, Cointreau and vodka and the fresh, muddled pineapple to show of your bartending skills.


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