Halfway to Valentine’s Day! Start Making Those Cards!

Make one for your best girl friend!
Tissue paper, image and stationary
Or the person with the heart of a child!


Or that person you would jump off a cliff for! Just kidding. No cliff jumping.

Fun Valentine Idea:

Go on a virutal tour of your favorite romance city through the photographers of Flickr.com! Venice, Paris, Milan and St. Petersberg are all at your fingertips! Set the mood after dinner with chocolate and candles and daydream about the day you’ll go there!

Venice Gondola Ride


2 thoughts on “Halfway to Valentine’s Day! Start Making Those Cards!

  1. You're doing great! Here's an idea I have been working on with my students. Coffee filters. Not the cone shaped ones but the regulars. Lay them flat with paper underneath (or paper plates) Use bright colored markers, for Valentines use pink, red, a little light blue and red. Color the filter completely. Then, spritz with water and let dry.When they are dry you will notice how brilliant the color looks on the filter and even the paper or paper plate underneath. You can fold the round filter in half and cut out a heart or you can cut little pieces out to make a heart mosaic. Or you can make several colored filters and form them into flowers. They are very versatile.

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