Photo Sunday – Photobooks

Today I have been lazily putting photo albums together for my mom, and realized that I hadn’t mentioned my favorite hobby of all – making photo books with Shutterfly. I highly recommend their easy to use programs, free shipping giveaways (wait to order until you get an email with a deal), and quality images.With so many backgrounds and layouts to choose from, I don’t miss the cutting and gluing paper of traditional scrapbooking at all! As an added bonus, bound books don’t fall apart with age and you’re not stuck with huge prints of what are really detail shots. Sometimes just one photo filling up a large page can be breathtaking (but not like the baby on Seinfeld)and it doesn’t cost as much as having an 8×10 print made.

Marlane’s secret design tip: Choose larger layouts and don’t put in as many photos as allowed. Shutterfly fills in the blank spots with your chosen background, and that space is great for pasting in scraps and writing in your own memos. In fact, don’t bother with typing text at all, that way every book has the touch of your hand.

Tip for cards: I like to leave entire pages photo-free to layer cards, tickets, and programs from events.
  Position the cards on top of one another and secure select edges both to the book 
and to each other with strong, clear packing tape. 
Then the page becomes like a pop-up book of greetings!
Front page:
Second card revealed:
Next layer:
Even more!
and the last!
Ta da! All of them on one page. 

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