King Sized Sheets Can be a Slipcover?

Yessir! And a pair of arm pillow covers to boot. 

Find a sheet that has a fun pattern along the top and go to town! I made this slipcover for our couch with a little bit of hand stitching, but mostly heat bond and patience. Those of you that know how to wield a sewing machine should have a much easier time of it. The idea behind this post is not so much, “Here’s how to make a slipcover” because mine was very trial and error, but “Did you think about using a KING SIZE SHEET?” We will FIGHT those expensive slipcovers from the powers-that-be! I will give this tip – the slipcover is made from several pieces that snap onto each other and negotiate into the ample folds of this particular couch where they are then anchored by hidden macho safety pins.

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