To Write More Thank You Notes…

A post on “43 Things”:
Always be prepared with lots of stamps! Also having lots of stationary that didn’t cost an arm and a leg is a big must. Garage sales and second-hand stores are actually a great place to find incomplete sets. I also love having blank cards around that I can just stamp on the front with a pretty design, or write the person’s name in colorful ink. Especially invest in cards that are big enough to enclose a picture, which gives the whole thing an even greater sense of occasion!

For splurging always go with Crane and Co.!
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2 thoughts on “To Write More Thank You Notes…

  1. I always have old stationary around (haven't been writing very many letters lately) and sometimes it comes in handy when I have forgotten to make or buy a card. I love all of your nifty ideas.

  2. There has been a few time were I wanted to write a quick thank you and I couldn'g because all I had was a piece of paper..I thought it wouldn't look good if I used plain old note book paper..this is good advise

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