Leaving on a Jet Plane

Design, I have decided, is more than how you decorate your life. It is about efficiency. and therefore effortlessness, and more fun (fun to me being not having to check a bag and stand in the ENDLESS baggage claim clusterF)! To this end I will share with you my Master Packing List, a list of items that has gotten me through months abroad, to inform your Spring Break packing. To the list!

ClothingEverything you could ever want, most of which you’ll never need:
Pants (jeans and regular); Workout pants; Long-sleeve shirts; Short-sleeve shirts; Tank tops (undershirts); Light jacket; Coat; Light sweater; Cardigan; Sleepwear; Bathrobe; Skirts; Dresses; Leggings; Heels; Flats; Boots; Running shoes; Sole inserts; Socks; Slippers; Bras (strapless!); Underwear; Pantyhose;Jewelry; Evening bag; Belts

Toiletries – So you don’t have to buy anything while you’re there!
Body wash; Loofah; Shampoo/Conditioner; Hair product (gel, mousse, hairspray); Bobby pin; Hair elastics; Hair dryer/Diffuser; Hot rollers; Curling Iron/Straightener; Contacts/Contact case/Extra contacts/Saline solution; Glasses; Makeup; Q-tips/Cotton Balls/Sponges; Facewash/Lotion; Body lotion; Topicals; Toothbrush/Toothpaste; Floss/Whitening products; Rubber bands; Deoderant; Sunscreen; Bug spray; Razor/Blades; Tweezers/Nail clippers; Nail polish/File; Medicines (allergy, headache, etc.); Tampons; Band-aids; Hand sanitizer

Electronics- These are really a bummer to miss.
Laptop/Charger; Computer speakers; Phone/Charger; Camera/Charger; Ipod/Charger/Headphones

Misc. – The things you’d never expect, or seem so obvious you can’t believe you left them behind!
Itinerary/Passport/I.D./Credit Card; Cash; Business cards/Headshots/Resume; Umbrella; Planner/Journal; Book/Magazine; Pens/Pencils/Stapler; Sewing incidentals: safety pins, heat bond, thread & needle, scissors; Towels; Alarm clock; Binoculars (for the theatre!); Stain remover; Lint roller; Flashlight; Gifts

Packing tips: 
~ Roll your clothes (more compact and fewer wrinkles) and put small clothing items like underwear and socks into your shoes!
~ Use those little plastic baggies for extra buttons to travel with individual sets of earrings.
~ Buy tiny screwtop travel containers to take loose powder or leave in conditioners that don’t need a whole bottle.
~ If taking a scarf, lay it flat over your clothes once they’re packed, buckling it on top if applicable. This will give you some privacy if you have to dig through your bag for anything in the airport.
~Put photo ids and credit cards in different places, so if one thing is lost you’re not stranded.

Happy Packing!

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