Domestic Bliss

(pictured) Maybe rests in our new chair from Out of The Closet Thrift.

Apologies to my readers for the absence of the last few months – the stresses of graduation, packing, and moving across the country to a new house (all our own!) have been enormous! Were there many engineering and design feats along the way? Yes! And had I the presence of mind, would there have been a picture (or two) of my gloriously packed ReloCube? Yes! But alas, I was too sweaty. I console myself (and hopefully you) only with this information: this house is mine to do with what I wish (well, also accounting for the taste and goodwill of the co-owner) and there will be posts GALORE about organizing, building, and decorating anew!

Teasers for the months (and possibly years) to come: diy bookshelves, salvaged wood spice shelves, creating more kitchen space by re-purposing other furniture, diy pot racks (the complicated kind, where the pots are shown from the sides), diy magnetic knife strip, painting the walls, hanging a dishrack, office organization, small patio re-design, gardening, AND a Catio. If you don’t know what that is, well, pay a visit to this article in the New York Times! They read my mind!


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