Crazy Antique Design Discovered!

In the quest for a perfectly organized house before I go insane, I wanted to try to fit this little table in the office.

It looks like a desk anyway, I figured, and wasn’t quite the look we wanted for the kitchen table. It’s probably a little big for the space, but it’s worth a try. So, I tried to move it.

Imagine my surprise when the back piece is left behind, and there is a middle panel that lifts out! We had always thought the table was one half of some kind of extendable table (mainly because it looks like half a table) but I didn’t know it could do this:

 It looks the same, but it’s pushed back together, without the inner panel, and a full seven inches shorter! (Now it fits perfectly in the office.) But then I got curious, and pulled it out again, to discover it could do this!

Unfortunately it looks like we’re missing several panels, but who cares? Those could be built someday! I wanted to know more about the table, so I looked at the markings, and found this:

Apparently these tables were made en mass in the 40s, built to resemble antique (this one, a Hepplewhite) writing desks and they extend to seat as many as 13 people! (I don’t think ours is that big). Definitely a fun discovery, especially considering the discovery of my Thonet chair earlier this summer. Ironically, this table was also a $10 buy, from a junk shop on someone’s front lawn. Just goes to show – check something out completely before you paint or sell it!

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