No Tools Jewelry

By popular demand I bring you this necklace holder that requires no tools!

Simply remove the glass from a nice picture frame, and insert cork in its place. This is actually three different pieces I had leftover from another project, but it would be easier if it was one unbroken sheet. Make sure the cork is the same size as the glass, so it will stay put. Depending on how thick the cork is, you might want to line the back of it with cardboard, to provide extra room for the tacks. Replace the original back and hang! These tacks were already silver, but a simple coat of spray paint meant for plastic could make them any color you like. To keep things from looking messy, I like to group the jewelry by color. Two necklaces that were usual lengths, I hung from cup-hooks (they are SO multi-useful) to the side.

And because I believe in waste not, want not, here’s another idea for your left-over cork:

I used it to stabilize the olive oil bottle on the shelf above the stove. Heavy glass on slick wood is not my taste when I’m in a hurry to make dinner!

Voila! (I am accepting submissions for new ways to say that. Thus far I have: Voila! Ta-da! and Woo-hoo!)


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