Closet Caddies – The Most Step by Step Ever!

More being particular, I decided to make little cardboard drawers for my hanging shelves rather than try (unsuccessfully) to find something that fits just right.

You will need:

Glue Gun

Cut your box pieces, and tape them together by lying them flat. This will get a tighter fit than trying to hold the box and tape every side, like I did for something like the first five boxes. The tape should be on the outside.

When it’s done it should look like this. I then used the glue gun to seal all the corners, for extra stability.

When you’ve made all your boxes, make sure they fit. This is the time to make corrections, because after this we’re adding fabric!

Pick a fun fabric and cover the fronts of the boxes using the glue gun, making sure to stretch the fabric tight. I guess you could cover the whole thing with fun fabric, but there’s not much point with this project, since the sides are covered when the drawers are in place. Make a handle by folding and gluing a scrap, and using the box cutter to make two holes in the front of the box.

Make sure the fabric is long enough to extend along the front of the box, the longer the better, and glue down. This will help secure the handle and also distribute weight along the front of the box when you pull it open.

Then cover the rest of the box with plain fabric (I used a twin sheet we didn’t need anymore), making sure to fold over the ends so there aren’t any fray possibilities. I leave you to deciding the most efficient way to cover the whole box. I went with using strips that were as long as possible, going all the way around, and then cutting a square for the bottom.

Ta-da! For this particular picture, I had a three drawer set under them, so the lowest box is smaller. I have since moved that three drawer, and am in the process of making three more boxes! It’s so easy!


2 thoughts on “Closet Caddies – The Most Step by Step Ever!

  1. Hi, stumbled across your blog, hope you don't mind – you have some great ideas. I love this one. I just might need to use it in my home. Thanks for the tutorial.

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