Young House Love – A Blog to Watch and My Own Rambles about Ceiling Fans

I love this little blog by a couple who bought a house a few years back and keep track of all their projects. I am most excited by this particular post, and so will you if you have a backyard made of grey concrete.

  Isn’t the turquoise fence charming? Especially the way it leans just so.

Also in our plans is a firepit, made by the young geniuses on Young House Love for $28 with some concrete pavers from Lowe’s. Of course they post later to make sure not to use concrete, actually, because it has small bubbles in it and under high heat they can EXPLODE. Good to know.

The final rambling for today: Ceiling Fans.

Now I know that most design aficionados (and my cousin Kate) will say that ceiling fans are not the most desirable thing to have on the ceiling. I believe the word she uses is tacky, but I’ve always felt that a little harsh. They’re…less desirable than a chandelier. But one can’t argue with cooling air, especially in my 1924 California Bungalow with No Air Conditioning at 3pm in July. Then again our ceilings aren’t the highest, so I thought maybe she’s right, they are ugly, I’ll avoid it. I mean, it’s easy to wonder if this…

…is really what I want to look at every day. But in defense of fans the world wide, I also came across many more of these:

Which goes to show that any type of lighting fixture can be victim to the hand of, well, tacky. 
And then last night we went to a friend’s house, and I found this:

The Micro-24 by Monte Carlo, which I believe, at 24 inches and less than $100, is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Case closed.


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