Vegetable Peel a Candle and then Do Your Dishes

 First things first –

This 99c pillar candle was sad at Goodwill: grimy, but with a nice scent. So I used a vegetable peeler on it, and now it’s good as new, with a nice architectural look to it!

Dry Up High!

Do your dishes, but with a little more counter space!
I suspended our little drying rack above the sink, using two hooks anchored into the wood cabinet on the side, two screws in the drywall (use anchors!) at the back, and another hook from the cabinet above, with wire supporting the corner. It may seem excessive, but plates are heavy and I’m not in a particularly delicate mood when I’m doing the dishes.

Then it seemed like we needed more room for glasses, and the knives. So I went to IKEA and found these little hanging racks for $1.99 each.
Oddly, they hook to either side like they were made for each other, but I got the red rack at Wal-Mart, so, nope.


For additional space (there are three of us, after all) I use a little bamboo place mat on the counter. It wicks the water away and then dries quickly, and can be rolled up easily when not in use.


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