Chandeliers and Suitcases Since I’ve Been Gone

Tonight I am assisted by another roomie extraordinaire, Felicia. I am often assisted by roomies – you remember the Valentine’s Card Extravaganza of 2010 with my former, Danielle. Felicia has a cool photo app on her iPhone called Hipstamatic. As a Blackberry user, I acquiesce, cool pictures. She will be further employed in the future.

Found three of these at a Goodwill in Glendale. Felt like I was stealing them as I paid $15, $10 and $6! Have figured out how to use the existing light covers (which are the same size and shape) in order to rig them up with wire. When I also figure out how to do ten things at once, like I ought to, they will be up in a jiffy!

Just because we have been talking a lot about chandeliers, check this one out at the Beverly Hills Hotel. I took this picture around the 25th of last month. Major.

 Another project I managed in the last month was the purchase of this hardshell yellow suitcase for $5 at the Saint Vincent dePaul Society. I now use this to organize my fabrics, and the best part is the little handle and wheels so we can tool around the house (and by we, yes, I mean me and the suitcase.)

(Cool picture from iPhone.)

In addition, it looks awesome under the bed, prompting me to say to hell with the dustruffle (and don’t we all like to say to hell with the dustruffle?!)

I plan to eventually find a blue one to hold craft supplies and a goldish green one to hold sewing supplies. Done.


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