Kitchen/Dining Muses

 Our Kitchen/Dining area has a host of challenges. How to fit it all, how to make it all fun, and how to make it look like a proper dining-area-being-used-for-kitchen-stuff?! I have worked with what we have – a butcher block and a metal etagere (that’s right, the kind that is in your bathroom) to create a functional system.  I’m not crazy about the split look though, and would prefer a way to get in some more counter space. Also, white plastic drawers from my former DORM ROOM are not exactly urban chic. But I digress.

So I have looked into building something a little World Market, a little Pottery Barn esque, by using a dresser that already has drawers, or a bookshelf, and adding functionality. Then hang with two long rough hewn wooden shelves above it.This is World Market’s “Tuscan Buffet.” I like this idea, because then the system will seem more part of the dining room, with the toaster oven and microwave  even possibly hidden inside it! Eureka!

Another “Kitchen Butler.” This is way too country kitchen and islandy to like the look, but the functionality is lovely. I would stop short of hanging paper towels on the side, but what I really like is the fold up cutting board that is featured on the back:

In my design, the cutting board could extend out on the side, or better yet, somehow slide out from a hidden compartment!

These are my muses as I plot the perfect kitchen.

While we’re on World Market, I also love this little “Yash Small Cabinet.” I think it would make an adorable little bar by the tv! Decanters on top, glasses inside, and some board games on the bottom. Keep me posted as to look alikes in the natural world (although this IS on sale for $99…)


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