Stain, Plant, Rocks, Repeat

Home Depot Time People!
First, English Red Brick Behr concrete stain to touch up the old bricks around the house. I was shocked what a difference it makes, and especially how easy it is. Stain is a lot thinner than paint, so you use less and it’s easier to apply than typical paint. I ran around with the can like a little kid at Christmas. (See the final product below)
Then, rocks for the front patio (Mexican Beach Pebbles are the blue ones and “Pond Rocks”) that I laid in concentric circles on the concrete beds. It’s still halfway done. I can only organize rocks for so long.

Finally, two cyprus trees for the back of the patio (names pending) make it almost distinguished! We’re still planning to stain the conrete blocks (think Mexican Beach Pebble color) and the bricks, and add lattice to the top of the concrete blocks for ivy (and privacy). All in all I think we’re on our way. Now if I can only get the umbrella to stand up straight!

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