Beat the Heat…

…by organizing your kitchen!

The little set of plastic drawers I had hated so much: lined the inside front with white fabric (an old sheet) using a glue gun and used these little wooden frames from the old house to glue on the front (hot glue saves the day every time). The labels were a quick hand-lettering job. They say “Containers,” “Tea and Coffee,” and “Picnic.”
Solved two problems in one today by moving the little desk I had in the office, which was overcrowded, to the kitchen! Now we have more counter space, and I was able to remove the bottom shelf of the desk and we can use it as an over the sink cutting board when making larger dinners! For the meantime it fits right in to the side of the refrigerator.
A close up of the little frames on the drawers. For some reason they don’t feel finished, but this was all I could get done before work!

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