Perfection is hard won…

…so join me in crazy town!

You may have seen the last post, a simple image of a perfectly finished,
newly painted bedroom.
That photo was a lie. Well, the finished part anyway.
First, let me explain myself. This is how I want my ceilings to look. Normal, right? Not so much to ask for.
THIS is how the ceilings in this house would look if I was not a citizen of crazy town. This is because we have a little something called TEXTURED WALLS AND CEILINGS. Beware, my friends. The painter’s tape is in vain.
So, in order to paint something like THIS ARCH, of which there are THREE in the living/dining/kitchen area, you must commit to the following:
A cup of paint and an angled brush.
So by the time I got to the bedroom yesterday, I was a full time citizen of crazy town, and woke up this morning ready to spend the day on a ladder, now very good with my cup and brush. 
Moral of the story is work on your surgeon’s hand,
you Spanish-Style-Bungalow-Dreamer!

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