Photo It

Have I done my post yet that proves everything looks better with a Hipstamatic app on the iPhone? And this from a sworn Blackberry user (sworn, mainly because ATT doesn’t offer an unlimited data plan and I like to listen to Pandora in my car). Sometimes I think designing your life is just taking a second to look around you. Try taking pictures of ordinary things with a different lens. Rose colored glasses, if you will. Not that Finn needs an iPhone app to make him beautiful.

Now that I have a phone that takes pictures, I take them whenever I see design or architecture I like. Here I am at a stoplight in Glendale, and I see the coolest post-less porch on this little house. I also liked the grey-blue and orange color combo in the detailing. I didn’t know what I was going to do with it, but that’s my version of the mystery of faith.

This is typical of me at World Market. I photograph much more than I buy (and return a lot more than I keep. Save your receipts). But in the end I noticed a trend in the color of the items I was photographing (including the cat) and it helped me decide on the grey/blue/yellow palette for our back patio.

Oh, and two weeks after I paint the bedroom grey, Martha says grey is the new black. Or was it white. The point is I scooped her on that one like a bowl of vanilla ice cream.


3 thoughts on “Photo It

  1. I know! He is actually so hard to photograph, he has no patience for it. I never got those pictures of him from that Christmas party that your friend's boyfriend took!

  2. The picture of Finn is classic. I love when a still has that kind of feeling. Thanks for sharing. No I am not spamming, that is my real URL and truly love the pic of Finn.

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