Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are in grave danger at our house. We can’t keep a wine glass like a laundry woman in medieval times couldn’t keep a baby alive. They get dropped in the sink, killed by the cats, left outside and generally maligned until it doesn’t make any sense to have them anymore and the only three (used to be four) I like are locked up in a cabinet and haven’t seen a drop of grape since 2004.

Today was a day like no other – another wine glass plummeted to its death from the top of a dresser. But I do like having wine glasses. Something about their curves. So I put some dollars in my pocket and headed to our neighborhood thrifty.

When I got there however, I was appalled by the price of glasses littering the dusty shelves: 99c each, almost a whole dollar, for dirty, scratched, and completely mismatched stemware. Obviously the people that price at the neighborhood thrifty have not seen the neighborhood Wal-Mart. At Wal-Mart you can buy 4/$4 brand new matching wine glasses in a nice box for carrying home.
Even more appalling was the frequency of these:

 You know what I mean – the glasses with “Johnny Loves Susie” and “Happy 20th Year RemCo!” written on the side of them. They have no target demographic, unless you happen to be Susie dating a Johnny. The kinds of people who might buy these glasses probably just drink their wine from a plastic cup. It would feel like the same thing. And these, my friends, were a whole half dollar in price. Something that should be free, or 10 cents if you must, are selling at two for a dollar, when the only reason to buy these is if you’re having 20 rugby players over who like to throw down their glass when they finish it. And this coming from someone who breaks wine glasses on a regular basis. Normal wine glasses = 50c. These puppies in the window, free to a good home.

So I went over to the Goodwill Clearance where I thought they might have more sense. Yes, their glasses were still priced at a dollar, but after I explained what a dollar buys at Wal-Mart, the woman reconsidered. After all, they are running a business and they get everything for free. Not that I expect to be given things at thrift stores, but I shop secondhand a lot. I know the difference between overpriced, reasonably priced, a deal and a steal. So I talked her down from overpriced ($1) to reasonably priced (75c) and got her to throw in these pretty amber glasses at the same price:

 I made it home with 4 amber glasses, 4 red wine glasses (sans print), 3 martini glasses (there were 4, but one broke in the car), 2 white wine glasses (also sans print) and one wicker basket, all for $12.50.
 Now that’s what I call a steal.

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