Shop with me at Anthropologie!

Yesterday I stopped by the Anthro in The Grove. I get a lot of inspiration from this store, not only from their wares but from the unique way they do individual displays, which are different at each location.

Love these plates, but more so like the silver spoon thing. What an interesting way to display them.
Super cute kitchen timers! I actually bought one of these, and I am using it as a timer for my computer use (15 minutes at a time). The actual timer is quiet, but so is the bell, so don’t expect it to save your burnt cookies. There’s a magnet on the back, very fun.
I love this little ceramic egg holder. I actually use an egg carton to hold my earrings, and I thought briefly about getting one of these. But there’s something about the organic feel of a real egg carton that I like. Other than that, I do have to wonder at the use for one of these. But it’s neat ne’ertheless.
Big fan of these map knobs. I love hardware in general. I don’t know what I would do with them, but I like to file away images like this that may be inspirational later.
More great hardware.
Love this sketching on the knobs. I actually have some old wooden knobs, and I am thinking about doing artwork like this on them and then attaching them to a wooden board and using them for coat hooks in the entry, or maybe another place to put jewelry.
I have a mirror like this in my bedroom, but the frame is gold. I bought some silver spray paint, but I wasn’t sure if I could commit to the color. This convinced me that I can!
I’m very into maps right now, and I’ve always liked Victorian animal sketches.
Most of what I like about Anthro is the creativity in their display. Here they used pvc pipe to create stretchers for crochet doilies. They also used a set up like this for a bed headboard, which was very interesting.
These are planters, and are serving as inspiration for the Indian look I am interested in creating for our bathroom. Not sure where I will use this pattern, but it will reappear!

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