Thrift Store Shopping

Thrift store shopping at the St Vincent de Paul! I was hoping to get in before all the Christmas things were picked through – turns out I went before most of it was put out. But nevermind, I still left with goodies. 

Baskets for organization around the house, but the little wooden ornaments, once repaired and painted with cuter faces have many uses.
Why they have such beady little eyes I do not know, but I can remedy that with a little acrylic paint.
First they went to use as a stocking holder, seemingly sledding the slopes! I felt like a little elf repairing broken legs and giving a horse with no legs a spot on the sled! This is made from some rocks from the garden attached to a spare board- the only thing heavy enough to hold a stocking with stuff in it. Note the ever present little hooks. A package of these has served me well. I think I find something to do with one of these every day. 

Some of the plastic ornaments I spray painted white. I was lucky to have a glossy spray paint on hand, so they all turned out beautifully. I used this idea on a few ornaments I had lying around that I wasn’t that crazy about either. The misfits made a pretty team!
Since donating my little tree to a play last year, I have been without. So I thought maybe this lamp might make a fun tree. With a little wire and some garland, it actually does!
Voila! Lamp Tree plus thrift store ornaments! The garland is a paper one made of discarded wrapping paper. That’s from last year.
The crochet pieces were a gift from a cousin, made by her grandmother.
Christmas horn looks great now!

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