Lady Chatterley’s Lover

My posts can’t really be on home design right now because I am living in a hotel (and a messier hotel room you have never seen!), but the way I see it design is about the extra bit of art that takes life to another level, and that I can find (WILL find!). I write again about these Penguin Classics – I just ordered Lady Chatterley’s Lover, a D.H. Lawrence novel I was somehow never assigned as an English student. I am loving this opportunity to read, and there is something about going back to all these great books with their wonderful language that tickles the same bone in my body as working on a design project. They are decorating my mind in addition to my surroundings!

Note on these texts: Do not get them wet. I set my Jane Eyre on a damp table and it lifted some of the design!


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