Craft Day

Doing something today I would dub strictly as a craft. You might be surprised to discover I don't really consider myself a "crafter." This is because I generally do not make things just for "decoration" which is what I feel like crafts are, little art projects that may or may not last. I honestly think that is the thing that separates craft from art – longevity. My own personal addition to longevity would be usefulness, although Oscar Wilde would say that art by definition is useless. As he says in the forward to The Picture of Dorian Gray, "The only excuse for making a useless thing is that one admires it intensely. All art is quite useless." So maybe, then, a craft is something you admire for a short time, and art for a long time. At any rate, this involves a keychain, so I think I am pretty safe in labeling it a craft. As a cast gift, I don't think it could be anything but. Art is never produced en mass. Probably another distinction between art and craft. Unless you live in a California "arts and crafts" house. Then you are both.

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3 thoughts on “Craft Day

  1. Art can capture the imagination or drive someone to steal. I just finished reading the book I got for Christmas from Meredith, The Gardner Heist by Ulrich Boser. He is a reporter who decided to take up the unsolved case and almost became as obsessive about the stolen Rembrandts, Manets and Vermeers as some of the art dealers, thieves and investigators who have been working on the case since March 18th, 1990. One particular artwork by Rembrandt, The Storm on the Sea of Galilee really haunted him, even entering his dreams.

  2. I love the idea that art is something that drives people to steal! Great! No crosses. The keychains will be silly little inside jokes made of fuzz. Hence, definitely a craft!

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