Vintage Shopping Baton Rouge

A walk down Government Street led me to Circa 1857, a great cluster of antique and art shops!
A vintage truck like this is always a good sign.
Really beautiful art to be had!
I was inspired by these pet portraits. 
This makes me want to go back to oils.
Love this hammock chair, definitely something that might be fun to build.
A crawfish bottle cap opener. Hehe.
A beach pebble doormat. Actually kind of soothing. Could make this.
This was a cafe on the location, where the food was great and they had a local guitarist playing folksy mood music!
Nottoway Plantation in the news! Apparently it’s the largest antebellum mansion in South, which we didn’t realize when we went there. They had a sorry lack of writing on the place.
This booth was neat and had a lot of nautical materials, which I have always found very romantic.
A barrel….
…a bar!
Local artist who makes jewelry from found objects.
Someday I will find an antique like this close to home – then watch out.
This little thing tickled my fancy – it was made to hold lipsticks! I keep from having trinkets like this (I mean come on, at my house that would only collect dust) but I can’t help but think it’s fun.
Call me Margaret Thatcher, but I love me some pins. This is the only thing I bought on my excursion, and I am well pleased! It’s a tin Weiss flower pin.

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One thought on “Vintage Shopping Baton Rouge

  1. Love the pin you bought!& I LOVE the hammock chair…if only I had a place to hang one…The lipstick holder is cute, it could also hold desk/art items.I use a turtle holding a glass rainguage for my toothbrush.I've seen the rock doormats in a catalog but it was advertised for use in the bathroom, like in front of a shower or tub. It was made of smooth black stones. =^..^=

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