Apartment Therapy Revisit

It’s been a while since I have read Apartment Therapy, but chats this morning about new ways to organize the office when I get back have made me want to revisit the way normal people deal with their necessities. I found this one house tour of a bohemian LA bungalow-style apartment to be very sweet. I was struck by it because while I like what they have done, I do feel like there too much stuff. Something absolutely necessary to me might seem like overkill to others. We’re all geniuses from the outside, so I try to examine my criticism of other designs for insight into my own problems. In fact seeing things I don’t like often gives me more ideas of how to fix my own concerns than seeing people who have done it just right.

Their basic style, however, is great. I love this art:

TThe electric blue is a little much for me, but anywhere there is blue instead of beige I take notice 🙂

Alright, enough of micro-managing from afar. Going to a pizza place for meatball panini. No way to design my lunch better than that!


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