Office Part Two

I like to call this “throw some money at the problem.”

There was a day that my side of the office was all set, but as household dumping grounds often do, it all went awry (see right). The green chair was missed in the living room, the little stool was deemed cumbersome in the bedroom, the printers had nowhere to live (having been under Daniel’s desk and also deemed in the way) and my foam roller was inexplicably in the wrong room altogether. Now part of the solution is simply to clean and put things back, but I have learned to design for my worst self, not my best self, and could not guarantee that this would not happen again. Empty, out of the way corners just BEG to have things dumped in them. How can it be helped? (One solution I have found to keep things off the desk in the bedroom is to use the beautiful basket [you can kind of see it in this picture on top of the printer underneath the flowerdy box] on the floor by the door, and it’s a nice temporary catch-all until we can go through it. But I digress).

This is where Target comes in.
I feel about Target furniture even more disparagingly than I do IKEA, but sometimes, when the measurements are right and the last frontier is on the table, it is worth the expense to go in, put down some cash, and buy something crappy that works. 

So I bought this little number. The things I like about it: exactly the right measurements, which never happens for me. It matches the white shelving already in place. I like the baskets. And first and foremost, I like that it is customizable, meaning if I want to use short dowels instead of long ones, I can remove a divider (which I did on the bottom to make the printer fit). I then added that divider back to split a cube into two as a good holder for printer paper, separating the fresh from the re-usable sheets. Also, and this is another design principle I have discovered, I have always wanted something like it. I like how clean the cubes look, and how efficient, and modern, and they kind of remind me of the cubbies from when I was in kindergarten, which is a positive memory. And every time I have ruled out a design element as something I “can’t have” because it doesn’t “fit in” I have discovered a way that I can indeed make it happen. So hold on to those little wishes (like my dream of a red front door on a Spanish style house) and when the time seems right, go for it! (Our metal security screen, now white, rusted in the big rains, so looks like my time is drawing near for that door repainting…). After all, if it really sucks, you can always redo it!

2 thoughts on “Office Part Two

  1. Sorry the first comment was all gibberish!! Trying this again:I totally feel the same way about Target furniture, but when it works it works. And you're right, you'd be hard pressed to find anything that would fit as perfectly with those shelves. A+ job!

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