Make an Evacuation Kit!

Not that I live in a particularly hazardous part of the world, but earthquakes happen, as do tornados, floods, and power outages. If that happens, its great to have necessities at hand, and also a kit is a great use for a displaced plastic storage container, esp one that's a pain in the ass to open like this one. It now includes:

Box of matches
Cans of tuna
Baking tin for makeshift litter box
Quart of kitty litter
Cans of cat food
Vaccination papers

I am ready for anything!

Actually in the way of a real emergency kit it could use other things: burn cream, bandages, etc, so I am going to look over our first aid kit and see if it would be better placed actually in the tub instead of buying doubles for all those things. I'd probably also want to include some bottled water and something else w sugar, but I'm not sure what wouldn't go stale!

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