Cozy Bookshelf

I decided to make use of a hidden corner by adding above the doors a set of bookshelves. In the end I actually took down the one running along the right – in the room it just felt like too much and we actually didn’t have as many books as I initially thought. I love how now that corner has a cozy feeling, where before it was just the last stop on the way out!
For this project – 1 1×6 cut to size (to give you an idea, you can get 8 feet of this pine at Home Depot for $5), a dash of whatever paint, and 2 5×6 brackets (78 c each). Total cost, assuming you have some paint, around $8. I am going to make use of the leftover wood by putting another one of these above the door at the end of the hallway. So many places to cozy books!
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Here is a much better picture of the corner, using a proper camera!


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