Makeup Organize

I feel like the insides of drawers and cabinets are largely one's own business. I am not likely to purchase drawer organizers because I know I am not likely to use them. Something the size of my palm, once placed in a basket or drawer, must fend for itself. That, I reason, is the why of the basket or drawer.

However makeup is different, because when it comes in huge amounts like this, it cannot be thrown about willy nilly. So I devised a method of hot gluing the containers to index cards that is working very well for me. Its not fancy, just a card for each shade, and the crease on each card I colored with a corresponding marker, and placed them like the little books they are into my medicine cabinet. Now whenever I need one they are both within reach and not taking up an inordinate amount of space, in the medicine cabinet or in my dresser drawer. It almost makes up for having this many shades of eyeshadow.

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