Closet Crusader

I am close to achieving my house storage goals, having added this second set of shelves in the closet. Now I can avoid the dreaded STACKING that inevitably comes tumbling down on a mini person like me. Because I was too lazy to cut this wood, you might have noticed I layered one shelf on top of another. This works only because I am not putting anything heavy up there (purses). If not, it would be better to do it the right away and use another bracket.


We're three months until we have been in the house a year, and I can't believe how far we've come! Its almost to the point where everything has a place, we've purged of things we don't need, and can navigate our day with efficiency and ease! With large inconveniences out of the way, its exciting to think of little ways to create more space. One of the big ways I've found is to re-allocate things to other rooms. For example, I've just realized that a lot of our guest glassware (martini, champagne, and special wine glasses) don't need to take up space in the kitchen, but can go with the bar decanters in the living room. I am in the process of designing something simple I can build myself that will allow space for the decanters, a glasses rack, and space for a record player by the television hutch. Stay tuned!

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