Carpet Tile City

Got some great carpet tiles courtesy of InterfaceFLOR to cover the cats ledges – A quick tango with a box cutter and staple gun made these wooden perches safe for their little paws! Thanks InterfaceFLOR!

p.s. If you’re wondering why all the concern about the cats having some real estate (my new favorite term for places to sit!) it’s not purely good pet ownership – I am hoping to wean them off scratching our 1960’s couch that yes, does feel like a rug, in hopes of getting a leather couch later this year. If I can give them lots of alternatives, then it’s a lot more likely to work out in my favor!

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2 thoughts on “Carpet Tile City

  1. Hi Marlene, Found your blog through clicking on the movie "Being There" in my profile. I was surprised by how many of the same "likes" we had. Great blog. I clicked in as a follower. Kathy

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