Home Office Official

Target buyers rejoice! Got this lovely flowerdy box there, complete with file folders to make my home office official! Now I will be very organized. (I hope). If doing my taxes this year has taught me anything, its the importance of being organized – and saving the receipt for this file folder!

This also reminds me of something else. In my quest to be organized this year, I realized that it is actually very hard to be organized without the proper accoutrements. Yes, it's necessary to have the shelves and baskets and even file folders, because anything that is MADE for a purpose (and I am not dissing diy at all, I love building to custom!) is going to make it more likely that you will give in to the purpose and use it. That's how its worked for me, anyway! So while it seems like a lot of stuff, I have been amazed at how much I have been able to get rid of (read: donate) that was only doing half the job. Suddenly I feel like I have more space, not less.

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