House Beautiful – again

I’ve got to say House Beautiful really does it for me. I love this article on another bungalow and what she’s done with the backyard – pretty great!

I know we just stained the backyard concrete, but I am suddenly smitten by the idea of creating different spaces by perhaps putting in borders and filling over the concrete with rock! Definitely makes for a cozier feel, and might deflect the early morning sun, making the area cooler. Could be worth a shot!

I love this quote from the owner/designer about an outdoor space (and I can also relate because we don’t have a foyer either:

“The front door opens directly into the living room. Is it awkward not having an entry hall?
Oh, but I do! I use the steps, the gate, the yard, and the porch as a sort of foyer, to give pause to guests, so they feel they’re getting away from the hubbub of L.A., the cars, the sun, and entering this warm, cozy place.”

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