LA Housetours on Apartment Therapy

I feel so lucky to live in a big city, because one of the best things is to be able to go on a great website like Apartment Therapy and have an entire section devoted to your particular architectural and horticultural goods! Here’s a sweet House Tour of a 700 sq ft house that I think is just adorable.

One of the biggest things I do NOT want to do is paint our kitchen cabinets white (although I am thinking a big summer project will be to strip them and re-stain them a lighter color). I find that painted cabinets are dirtier, harder to clean, and tend to chip – ugh on maintenance. I used to be all about painted wood, but Daniel appreciates a nice grain and has brought me over to the dark side 🙂

Now I am off to spend some more time in the garden, where I am in a serious battle with weeds. If you are going to mulch, people, mulch WELL.

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