Breakfast Reorganization

This may seem like a small thing, but today I re-evaluated breakfast. My boy and I were in the kitchen, I making oatmeal (trip to above the fridge for the oatmeal, sink for water, back across to the microwave and then over to the counter by the stove for brown sugar!) And Daniel is trying to make his cereal, getting milk from the fridge, and the coffee, which we do french press on the stove. We're both vying for prime real estate: the counter between the sink and stove. And I realized that I was the one who was in the way! Why go to the refrigerator and the counter if I don't have to?! Voila. Oatmeal in the cookie jar (we're ice cream people really. If I bought cookies all the time I would look like that's all I ate because it would be) and brown sugar in an extra canister I had that didn't look right on the counter (the yellow just looked weird there. Can't explain it). They are both now sitting right next to the microwave, where, I might add, the bananas I use are also right overhead. I can't wait for tomorrow morning when its all at hand!

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