Chalkboard Canister Labels

Made these awhile back and just realized I never posted them! Little pieces of plywood sprayed with chalkboard paint make great canister labels. I affixed them with little velcro dots that stick with adhesive so I can change em up! If you’re intimidated by the plywood (I know not everyone has stuff like that lying around) don’t be – chalkboard paint works on almost every hard surface. The back to a photo frame, for example, could be cut up and used for this! Get the spraypaint version though, its easier for small surfaces.


I like the Rust-Oleum brand – they have a huge selection at Home Depot with everything from paint to stop rust to spray paint made just for plastics and pre-fab particle board furniture and even paint for your appliances and grill!


2 thoughts on “Chalkboard Canister Labels

  1. Those are cute & creative!I use a black magicmarker on my glass storage jars! Then when I wash them I can scrub it off if I'm going to put something else in it. ^..^

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