Sandpiper Bathroom

While in the throes of curtain problem solving (turns out roman shades are hazardous to cats that practically live in windows and also small children) I found time to repaint the bathroom (Sandpiper, Martha Stewart). I don’t know if we remember lesson learned  – never paint bathroom with matte paint, duh – but I also changed the color scheme and am pleased with the cleaner, stonier look.


I also moved the little shelf (cleaned of some clutter) to under the medicine cabinet, leaving the wall space under the drawing (my mother’s sketch, ladies and gentlemen!) for breathing room. This house was built in 1924, and back then there was no such thing as a master bath! So in a bathroom this small, all the breathing room I can get is important. It also made room for my little jade plant! This climate is so bright that jade even does well indoors. I’ll post more photos soon – I have some fun storage ideas for small spaces like this!


Shower Curtain:
World Market

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3 thoughts on “Sandpiper Bathroom

  1. That looks much better!I love glossy bathroom paint!I liked it so much I also used it in the kitchen (you can wash the walls!) & bedrooms in our other house. ^..^ (it can be tricky to paint over it though)

  2. I like your new color and placement of your shelf. Much more pleasing to the eye. It really focuses the eye on the art which is nice. Love the shower curtain. Hmm. Now I know what I will get you for your birthday!

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