Mirrored Out

We have been mirrored out here at MarlaneDesign, inspired by a reconnaissance trip to IKEA in which I remembered that I had four IKEA wave mirrors sitting behind a trunk that were all but lost since this time last year! So I tripped along home and put them up.

This one fills a lovely corner by the back door.
These two greatly improve the lack of spaciousness in the master bath and also add an additional workspace. The lighting is the most natural in the bathroom, so now I have an alternative to getting ready over the sink.
This one adds nice dimension to a flat wall in the guest bath.
And finally – this little space by the doorway is going to get an overhaul with a beautiful oak framed beveled edge mirror that I found in a moving sale on Craigslist. The sucker is heavy though, so I will put it up tomorrow, having just got proper picture-hanger-uppers.  Underneath I will put three coat hooks from World Market that we already had and voila! Entryway.
Get the hooks!– ours are white.

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