Piggy Bank Rehab

Another dollar store find, this one from a store that I am pretty sure carries the things places like Target and Wal-Mart couldn’t sell. I feel like I recognize this piggy bank from Target:

 I learned a couple things about spray-painting this time around. When you spray paint something glossy, even if it’s with a spray paint made for plastics, and you don’t use some sand paper on it, around the time you want to do the second coat it will crackle like the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel. This piggy bank was originally going to be white, but the white plastics paint crackled so badly on it that I had to sand it down and start over. The second time I used a Rust-Oleum heavy duty primer that we had used on the front door, and coated it with a glossy red that I had bought by mistake (we used a more earthy red on the front door). Over that went a glossy clear coat. More work than I had anticipated, but that’s what I get for not reading directions.

So now he looks like this!

After adding the felt pads on his feet (to keep the red paint from rubbing off on my white, unsealed shelving) I realized he looks a little like a nicer version of this:

Which is my undergraduate alma mater, so why not?

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