Use for Mason Jars: Book Ends!

Jars filled with white marble chips – heavy, repurposing of jars, inexpensive, and aesthetically pleasing! I like the texture the rocks bring to the shelves – always a fan of finding ways to incorporate nature. Plus, the rocks are $4 a bag. There was enough to make all 6 ends and I still have plenty for other projects (or just the garden). I think another nice alternative would be to fill the jars first with sand, then rocks, and if you have a lot of light in the space, a cacti or two! This also reminds me of the wall of pretty glass jars and decanters at the 99 c Only Store. Mixing and matching shapes could also be fun.
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One thought on “Use for Mason Jars: Book Ends!

  1. I use marbles in a candy jar that was used to sell penny candy at a drugstore in my small town, all are from my childhood! ^..^ I also have one with pretty river rocks I have found. Maybe someday I will get a rock polisher!

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