Congratulations to all who have recently matriculated from an institution of learning! My boyfriend and my brother are both celebrating graduations this year, and it has made me nostalgic! This is from my own undergraduate graduation, a shadowbox I made from some of the non-traditional items I received. First is the graduation announcement and insert (that I designed and had printed. Its a lot less expensive and I think more personal to buy the generic invite and print your own insert. It allowed me to include info about what I would be doing next, which I think aunt and grandma were more interested in than the card 😉 I also included the pin we were given at Convocation at the beginning of the four years, and the pin, sash, and medallion I got for graduation. Overall, its a fun, organized, and safe way to keep these artifacts! Shadowboxes are expensive, but they are often on sale at Michael's in their custom framing department, and that would be an excellent way to spend one of their ubiquitous 40% off coupons! I got this one on sale because it was a weird shade of grey- a little craft paint solved that!

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