Have You Seen the Couch?

The couch isn’t what I would call “presentation style” right now (pillows all straight, blankets folded, books aside) but something about Dottie lying there with my book made it seem just right for today. I will post a more dressed up version when the back cushions and throw pillows I have planned are ready šŸ™‚


 The full post about before

My Inspiration

Using some $1.99 unbleached cotton from this seller in the fashion district, I used a staple gun to cover the bones of our 1965 pull-out-couch, which was surprisingly easy. The way you can tell if your couch will be easy or hard to cover is to run your hands along the frame and look for wood. If the couch is too padded you’ll have to strip away layers before the staples hit wood. If it’s sparse in padding like ours though, due to design or age, then it’s much easier. Then I used a yard of chenille, on sale for all of $3.00, to cover the tops of the couch cushions, attaching the new and improved facade to the existing zippered cover. That was just a simple whip stitch on a folded edge. (I am still to finish the back cushions, but the colors are so close its hard to tell). The arm covers are long curved strips hemmed at the edges with Stitch Witch. These are great bc they can be thrown in the wash and make it awkward for the cats if they want to scratch (and cover it if they do). After that you’re done!
The reason for the feaux reupholstery is simple – cheap, decently easy (prob 3 afternoons total, the cushions taking more time than the actual frame) and therefore no guilt if it doesn’t work out. The cotton isn’t the best choice for a couch bc it isn’t sturdy, but it was cheap and the important thing was just to cover the darn thing, especially before the summer, and I wanted something that would feel fresh. I love both the color and feel of the chenille on the cushions, which is really the most important part of the couch. Had there been quantities enough (which is always the problem for trying to find fabric onsale) I would have done the frame in that as well. But now I know that having the cushions in another fabric from the frame doesn’t bother me, so if I find some better fabric at another time, no one is crying over the 1.99 cotton. I wish, frankly, that I did all my projects like that. Dressmakers do, using muslin, because you never really know how something is going to drape, if that cut is going to be right. Now if I redo the job, I’ll have a pattern already cut, so it won’t even take as long. But it’ll do – for now šŸ™‚

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